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AUTHOR (15+ Books)

"Who wakes up one day and says, "I'm going to write 15+ books and build my own websites, record my own audio, create tutorials for people and well ... I don't know anyone like that. Writing seems to come natural to me. I type 100wpm, have a lot of time on my hands and have a love for information, organizing it and sharing it in written, audio and video format. Are there more books coming? You bet! I have 5 titles that I'm writing for now. They're political in nature. So, I can't wait to get them done, get out there, stir things up and call out all the political B.S. I can!"
TRAINER (1,000+ Video Tutorials)

"That's the goal. I've got 150 video tutorials done so far. These are mostly over at my training website called, If you want to learn how I build websites (for myself and others) write books, design book covers and interior pages, record audio, market, get interviews, and so much more, then head on over to
SPEAKER (Business+Personal+Motivation)

I love speaking, sharing my ideas, and enlightening audiences while making them laugh and feel good at the same time. Whenever I bring my chocolate chip cookies along to my talks, folks are guaranteed to feel like they're at the BARTMAN MOVIE THEATRE as they sit back and take in whatever I'm talking about, let alone, a cookie or two or three!
BAKER (Chocolate Chip Cookies)

IT'S TIME! Time to bring my world famous chocolate chip cookie to market and let the world choose a new #1 CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE the world over. Having started baking these heavenly masterpieces of total chocolate chip joy in the mouth in 1988 while away at college, the recipe for the world's best chocolate chip cookie has been perfected. Would you like one?




Find The One For Me by Bart Smith251+ Dating & Relationship Regrets by Bart SmithWatch Out Ladies by Bart SmithLaws Of The Bedroom by Bart Smith

Who's Hungry? by Bart SmithB.S. The Book by Bart SmithHope On The Outside by Bart Smith

Who's Hungry? by Bart Smith



Every aspiring coach, life coach, personal coach, business coach, fitness/health coach and consultant needs to know how to:

  • Avoid specific roadblocks to becoming a “Rich Coach”
  • Set your rates/fees and create coaching packages
  • Learn about more money-making ideas for coaches …
  • Learn my “Rich Coach” money pie/income system
  • Use my R.A.S.T.O. marketing formula for exposing your coaching services to find new clients
  • Craft the perfect coaching “elevator speech” on what you do to help people (i.e., just fill in the blanks in my book) …
  • Overcome objections and how to answer those questions …
  • Use my  20/20/20 “free session” format to win clients …
  • Work with clients one on one and in group format …
  • Avoid 150+ mistakes coaches make …

… and how to use my 14+ downloadable/customizable coaching client contracts and agreements … and so much more! As you can see, my books (and forms) on coaching are all about business, working with clients, marketing your coaching services and making money. No woo woo, no fluff, no head game authenticity mindset talk. None of that. Just pure business/marketing/money focused.

150+ Mistakes Coaches Make by Bart Smith

150+ Mistakes Coaches Make
10 chapters of mistakes • 1h 30m audio
by Bart Smith

Rich Coach ♦ Broke Coach by Bart Smith

Rich Coach • Broke Coach
101+ lessons • 10hrs 35m audio
by Bart Smith

Coaching Client Forms by Bart Smith

14 Coaching Client Forms
13 Word (.docs) + 1 Excel (.xls) file
by Bart Smith

Getting On TV • Networking • Motivation • Business Income • My Checklists

How To Prepare, Pitch & Become A TV Guest by Bart Smith3 Simple Networking Tactics by Bart SmithMy Networking Tactics by Bart Smith51+ Networking Mistakes by Bart Smith

Doing Great Business In Tough Times by Bart SmithMotivate Yourself To Succeed by Bart SmithMy Checklists Book by Bart Smith

You can listen to audio excerpts from several of my books below. Just click, listen and enjoy. Do note, if you purchase the eBook version of many of my books, the audio book comes along with your purchase as a nice bundle. Details can be found on each individual book information page.



Are you an aspiring author? Have you written a book yet? Want to write one (or your next one) REALLY FAST like I do? Below are some of my most popular book writing and author-related courses and special reports geared to help you meet your book writing goals! C’mon, let me show you how to write, publish, print, market and sell your book like I do.

Learn How To Write, Design, Publish, Print & Sell Your Book/eBook For Fun & Profit
Learn How To Write, Design, Publish, Print & Sell Your Book/eBook For Fun & Profit Just Like I Do
If you want to write a non-fiction, self-help book REALLY FAST, like I do these days, and learn the secret formula I use for publishing your own book, then this is the course for you.

Here’s what you will learn inside my course:
• What type of book to write REALLY FAST!
• How to start writing your book like I do!
• How to get your book proofed and edited!
• How to design the interior pages!
• How to design the front/back book covers!
• How to upload a book to!
• How to convert a book to an eBook!

• How to record an audio book from a book!
• How to print/send copies to you/others!
• How to turn a book into a class/speech!
• How to start marketing/selling your book!
… and so much more!


121 Ways To Promote & Market Your Book

Learn How To Record Audio Books For Fun & Profit

Learn How To Create Audio Libraries For Sale On Your Website

21 Ways To Make Money With Your Book

Learn How To Conduct Virtual Book Tours To Promote Your Book

Writer’s Block? Not After You Read This Report!

10 Ways You Can Personally Improve Your Interview Skills

Learn How To Write & Submit Press Releases To Attract Interviews



When you want to quickly learn how something is done, I find checklists are the answer. Do this, do that, do this, do that next, one more step … DONE! Wow, you just learned how something got done and fast! Now, apply that “learning approach” with 70+ of my personal checklists covering some of these great topics! Then, imagine how much more you’ll be able to get things done, faster, and with more precision than ever before! To me? That spells making money (online/offline) sooner than later!



You have no idea how much knowledge, training, tutorials and lessons I’ve stuffed inside MTC for you! 😎 Well, just imagine if you knew EVERYTHING inside each of these special reports, tutorials and training articles. Go ahead, say it, “I’d be DANGEROUS, Bart! Plus, I’d be so self-reliant, self-sufficient, and an overnight do-it-yourselfer that I could take my ideas, concepts and vision for what I want to do and turn them into realty faster than I ever thought possible because you taught me so many skill-sets and how to do stuff. Okay, I’m ready to sign up! Let me in, Bart!”

Bart makes the world’s greatest chocolate chip
cookies? He does! Since 1988! Check ’em out at:

Don’t believe it? Read these 300+ cookie testimonials and product reviews!



“What can I say about the man who’s been my webmaster, personal coach and consultant for going on TWO DECADES!!! With his help online, my business has easily grossed over a million dollars. It’s been me, a couple of employees from time to time to handle fulfillment, and BART, at the helm managing the website this whole time. He’s my million dollar webmaster, consultant, trusted friend!"

Gabriala Brown, Founder

“All I can say is WOW WOW WOW. Oh, and I wish I had Bart's relationship book 10 years ago. When I sat down with Bart to review the book before it came out, I had no idea the depth and material he would go into and cover. Literally, from start to finish, Bart spans your whole love life, from the time you start looking for love as an adult, to when you find it, spend time with that person, up until the day when the one you were with is no longer with you for whatever reason. He goes into life at that stage of the game. It’s incredible. I’m learning so much and applying it to my own life to help find the ONE for me. Thanks Bart, for writing a book no one else had the courage, knowledge, time, energy or wherewithal to write. Only you could have written a book like this and you did it so perfectly.”

Marlene G.

RE Investor, Orlando, FL

“Bart, I am very pleased that you are in my life. As always, you are a joy to work with, ever so resourceful, a wonderful speaker and one of the best ‘networkers’ I’ve ever met. How you go about connecting people together is truly amazing. When you say let's all meet to network, without hesitation, people say when/where? Astounding!"

Susan L.

Speaker Trainer/Consultant

“As I got to know Bart and his books, and the work he does for his friends and clients, I discovered one thing that stood out most about Bart … he cares about people, their success and most importantly, he cares that they find the one for them. Bart’s book, Find The One For Me, is so well done, so thought out, so rich with real life advice … seriously, I do not need to read another book on dating or relationships to find the one for me. In fact, I’m just going to bring his book with me wherever I go to be used as a conversation piece with my next date. In fact, ladies, of all ages, if you haven’t found the one for you yet, or wondering if the guy you’re dating is (or isn’t) marriage material, then all you need is Bart’s book (FIND THE ONE FOR ME). Get his book and stop wasting time with men who are NOT the ONE for you. Time is not on our side, as women, if you know what I mean. That said, getting the kind of advice from Bart, a man yes, you’re in for the real deal. No B.S. and no fluff inside. It’s funny, I have to hide my copy, because my single friends want to take it home with them when they see it at my house. Bart, way to go!”

Arda N.

Real Estate Consultant

“I first met Bart almost 15 years ago. To date, I am still blown away at what Bart knows, his level of care and enthusiasm for teaching people and empowering them to be greater than they think they can be. He actually takes you there! I flew out to train with Bart for a whole week. It was non-stop learning and working on my website and going over my personal plans for what I was doing at the time. If I EVER need inspiration, an idea, organization of my ideas, website advice, book advice, even marketing advice, Bart tells it straight like it is. No holds barred. He’s truly one of a kind, and a really good friend.”

Todd Woods

Franchise Consultant/Trainer

“First things first, Bart is not human. He is a machine. The way he pumps out books, websites, marketing advice, … I’ve NEVER seen anyone work as fast as he does and with such precision. You know Bart’s work if you ever get to see it. He stands out from among all others. Thank YOU, Bart, for all the work you’ve done for me. By the way, my family loves your cooking!”

Hasani Pettiford

Relationship Expert, TV Personality & College Speaker

“Ever since I met Bart Smith, it’s been non-stop learning ever since, and I’m serious! If you run your own business, like I do, sign up for NOW! You won’t waste time dealing with people who ‘say’ they know what they’re doing; instead, you’ll (soon) know better! You won’t have to ‘wait’ for them to come through when they (rarely) do; instead, do it yourself!”

John Santangelo, PhD, Trainer

“I know Bart and look to him when I need sound advice on how to deal with a relationship issue. He’s caring, spot-on, and knows what he’s talking about. I love all his books, and this one, Find The One For Me, tells it like it is and so much more. If you get the chance to work with him, ladies, he’s like the big brother you never had who looked out for you in every way. Anyone single, looking to leave a relationship, wondering if they should get out to find the one for them, needs to read Bart’s book. Turn to it without hesitation. It has the answers you seek. Oh, do we have time to talk about his web skills, business and marketing ideas and execution? That's another testimonial worthy of writing, for sure. Bart's the complete package.”

Jacque H.

RE Investor, Torrance, CA


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